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ICEA S applies to materials, constructions, and testing of crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) and ethylene propylene rubber (EPR). Find the most up-to-date version of ICEA S at Engineering ANSI / ICEA S Standard for extruded insulation power cables rated above 46 through. kV. ISO Standards. Our systems comply with the.

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If either of the two samples from the shipping length fails, the shipping length shall be rejected. The selected measuring device shall have a minimum resolution of 0.

Metallic Sheaths Lead sheaths have a iicea to stretch and lose contact 018 the insulation shield. I Winding of the Test Specimen on Mandrels At the end of this time, the specimens shall be removed from the oil, blotted to remove excess oil, and allowed to rest at room temperature for a period of 16 to 96 hours.

The highest conductor temperature permissible for any part of the cable under normal operating current load.

Ice can be ground or cut to meet thickness requirements. Where the number ss samples selected in any single lot is less than ten, all reels shall be considered as not 1088 to this standard if more than 20 percent of the samples fail.

If 10 percent or less fail, each reel shall be tested and shall be judged upon the results of such individual tests.

Additional qualification tests in Ten impulses of each polarity with magnitude equal to the BIL shown in Table shall be applied. A completed length of cable which has passed all test requirements.


It shall also meet brittleness requirements see The test area grips, chamber, extensometer shall be conditioned at the test temperature for a minimum of 3 hours to ensure stability of the test environment.

A discernible region of cornpound constituents in ethylene propylene based insulation which is gelatinous, not readily removable from the insulation, and generally translucent.

All rights including translation into other languages, reserved under the Universal Copyright Convention, the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, and the international and Pan American Copyright Conventions.

All ac voltages are mis values. The thickness of the lead sheath shall be in accordance with Table except when a higher value is required in order to meet the fault current requirement. Decreasing the diameter “6of the conductor increases the radial voltage stresses. If in cable chase, describe cable spacing and burial depth.

If thermai insulation material is used, it shall have a uniform thermal resistance along the cable length. The Discharge Resistance Test The cable sample shall have a minimum active length of 30 feet 9. The first four members of the alkane series methane, ethane, propane, and butane came into common use before any attempt was made to systematize nomenclature. Qualification of a cable design at one emergency operating temperature OC. The cutting blade shall be sharp and shall produce wafers with uniform thickness and with very smooth surfaces.

Simultaneous aging of different compounds should be avoided. Ail diameter measurements shall be made on cable samples that contain the conductor.

The test specimens shall be kept at room 9. The insulation shall meet the following requirements: Fault capacity as defined by customer parameters. It is often called tan 6. Type of metallic shieldsheath.


ICEA S-108-720

ASTM B for 19 wire combination unilay-stranded copper conductors. If the metallic shield is large enough, it can also be used to cany neutral currents, unbalanced phase currents and fault currents.

For installation during colder temperatures contact the cable manufacturer for cable suitability or recommendedpractices. Samples with suitable conductor sizes copper or aluminum and designs shall be tested within a given voltage dass.

Approximate diameters of individual wires in iceaa conductos.

ICEA S – PDF Free Download

Qualification tests consist of various electrical e and conditioning procedures. Conductor shield irregularities shall be measured as shown in Figure It is not intended to be a comprehensive discussion. This test is conducted to verify that the cable has not failed on the last impulse. Summary In summary, the ability of a transmission cable system to withstand emergency temperatures kcea a complex function of all of the materials used in the cable design.

Either the 15 minute, 30 minute or 60 minute ac test is required. Thousands of circular mils. At the end of this period, the specimens shall be removed, allowed to cool to room temperature, and inspected for cracking. Specimen length, gauge mark distance, elongation measurement system, and jaw speed shall be reported with results.

If in conduit, describe size id and od type of conduit metallic or nonmetallicnumber of occupied 7720 unoccupied conduits, whether endosed or exposed, spacing between conduits and burial depth of conduits.