A bright beacon in the swirling darkness of the Immaterium for fans of Fantasy Flight Games’ line of Warhammer roleplaying games. living in the latter half of M41 in the Calixis sector. Calixis Sector is an Imperial sector located on the fringes of . map, even within the borders of the sector. The Calixis Sector has many heavily populated and important worlds, but it lies a great Efforts to map these have been hampered by adverse conditions.

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Its nominal ruler is the Eminence Glydus Matriarch. There, high up in the draughty reaches of weathered stone, burns the eternal flame of Drusus, ministered to by the flocks of pilgrims, most of whom come to Sentinel to die.

The reason for that, and it is mentioned in rule books I think it’s Navis primer is that it takes roughly a month to get from a planets gravity well to space which is clear of asteroids and gravitational fields, which would interfere with the warp engines and cause catastrophic failure. He will then burn these outside the gates of his tower to symbolise the relationship between serf and master.

Edited January 2, by Cogniczar. Settlement is a new Imperial colony world established four hundred standard years agoseating eighteen thousand families on a dry, harsh settlement world. For simplicities sake, it works pretty well, I feel. The station is a famous supply point and a seat of illegal activity. The barons of the Gorgonid live in the Commons, tradition demanding that they live in fastness keeps and small castles.

The Jericho Reach is at once a region rich in resources and a potential curse upon the Imperium. Meanwhile, when the serfs rise up, they do so with improvised weapons and mining equipment. Posted January 22, However you as a GM can change the rules to your pleasing. The palace resembles a vast flower of stone, its granite petals overlapping to form its huge dome and the many archways used as entrances. The barons of the Fathomsound are obliged by planetary law to live within the mine whose serfs they own, but none would willingly dwell on the dangerous Flotsam.


Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse Map with Travel Times

No one’s wrong if that’s what your worried about. The warlords exchange their harvests of Ghostfire pollen with the Administratum in exchange for weapons, vehicles, fuel, clean water and other essentials. Most spend their time eating, commenting raffishly on various officers or staring in wonder at secctor captains.

Vai Seth himself is a slight, balding, bespectacled figure in white robes. Cakixis its enormous, multi-layered skirts touch the coast itself — in a five hundred kilometre belt — they spill out over the black granite cliffs like shelves or glacial ridges. Those few who have gone to a Cestelle Alliance world have sometimes reported wide-eyed tales of abased rituals around giant burning effigies.

Its spires house some of the most senior barons along with members of the Sepheran royal family. Hire the wrong guide and you may be damned to years of squabbling diplomacy and sudden duels. The nobility here demonstrate their superiority by controlling their environment at immense cost, even to the extent of making their handsome estates as dangerous to the ill-prepared as the worst summer droughts.

A pulpit overlooks the nave, and it is from here that Cardinal Ignato and the other Ministorum preachers speak the Word of the Emperor. It would be nice if Games Workshop would have some consistent astrography, though. Unkind rumours suggest that Sister Xanthe was given her thankless post as a punishment by her Canoness at the Abbey of the Dawn.

A Sister Famulous must be disciplined and incorruptible as she is sent out to fend mostly for herself, and is surrounded by the sometimes morally questionable nobles to whose house she is attached.

I’ve been reading the Encyclopaedia Calixia topic and added some Lathe Worlds stations to a more complete Calixis sector map. This light is actually concentrated on Icenholm by a series of enormous reflecting mirrors positioned around sctor peaks overlooking the Gorgonid Mine, an seftor and complicated process that makes it look as if the light of some distant heaven is shining directly onto the capital. The Imperial settlers, mainly frontier farmers, wage a constant war with them. I couldn’t type earlier.


Neither hive could function without the other, a fact celebrated in Scintillan proverbs and myths. I will calixia with your suggestion of 30 days travel in system.

Despite many purge efforts, this forested wilderness retains several pockets of Aector infestation, left over from the last invasion. It is likely that many of them have no real concept of the dark truth lurking at the centre of their compact.

The Calixis Sector | I bought myself a copy of Fantasy Fligh… | Flickr

It goes wherever the noble houses of the Imperium have influence. In practice serfs simply live where they can, often cramming large families into a single candle-lit room. All cult members are anonymous and wear, at their gatherings, grotesque and colourful masks derived from the styles worn at courtly masques and entertainments. However, I do mention that you take away the vessels speed from the time, so mapp you had a raider with 10 speed, it would only take you 20 days to get from planet to secgor jump range.

The main body of the city is suspended between three vast peaks on thousands of thick cables and chains, like a glittering jewel upon a complex necklace. Grangold is a Dead World on which stands — or, more appropriately, survives — a single temple to Saint Drusus, despite the ferocious elemental squall. Inevitably, it is far easier for a noble victim to get the Magistratum to investigate a crime, and far easier for a secyor hiver criminal to be arrested for one.

No one can remember the origination of this curiously theatrical practice, though it may be down to the whim of the twin captains. Zerbe believes it mqp be no coincidence that the Calixis Sector is fraught with a curious, recurring phenomena: It is the location of the Spinward Front and the Severan Dominate.

Along comes FFG, and they probably lost their lunch.