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Standard Test Method for Congealing Point of Petroleum Waxes, Including Petrolatum

In some embodiments, vent fan 58 may be mounted within an opening 60 of base 42 of housing As shown, laboratory thermometer 34 includes a stem portion 36 and a d9338 In some embodiments, the source of power is alternating current. The brief pause time is not to be included in the 2 to 3-s rotation time.

In some embodiments, the battery is mounted within the housing Caution should be taken when handling mercury and mercury containing products. Contact with us now Your mail: Additionally, the apparatus and methods described herein serve to reduce or prevent the burn risk of manual methods by reducing the handling of hot glassware, v938 thermometers and hot wax during testing.

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Moreover, current practices provide no standard means of ensuring that multiple operators are rotating the flask at the same speed. Further, the heavy second wax of step d is separated, thereby obtaining at least one distillate wax fraction having a congealing point in the range of from.

In one aspect, disclosed herein is an apparatus for determining the congealing point of a wax-containing sample, such as a petroleum wax-containing sample, the sample placed within a sample flask, comprising: In some embodiments, apparatus 10 may include an indicator 54 to indicate when power is supplied to the motor In a Fischer- Tropsch process synthesis gas is converted to a synthesis product.


Mercury, or its vapor, may be hazardous to health and corrosive to materials.


The apparatus of any of d98wherein the motor is structured and arranged to rotate the clamp at a speed of less than 50 RPM. S938 some embodiments, the plurality of feet 48 is a plurality of adjustable feet Use a steady and even rate for each continuous full revolution, and complete each revolution in not less than 2 s, nor more than 3 s. In some embodiments, power switch 50 and indicator 54 may be combined in a single switch unit Process according to claim 7, wherein the heavy wax of step is separated in step e by short path distillation at a pressure between 0.

The Fischer-Tropsch product stream as provided in step a is derived from a Fischer-Tropsch process. If the document is revised or amended, you will be astmm by email. Heterogeneous catalysts”, Howard F.

We have no amendments or corrections for this standard. Please first verify your email before subscribing to alerts.

As demonstrated above, the tests conducted confirmed that the apparatus disclosed herein is capable of producing data within the current ASTM D precision statement. US 2, discloses a method for deriving paraffin wax from crude oil. In some embodiments, flask 18 may be an Erlenmeyer flask The apparatus of clause 9, wherein the motor is structured and arranged to rotate the clamp at a speed of between 20 RPM and 30 RPM.

Standards 9d38 from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards. Therefore, what is needed is an automated test apparatus for determining the congealing point of a sample that reduces exposure to hot glassware, liquid-in-glass thermometers, and RSI risks, while yielding an acceptable level of test precision. The method of claim 11further comprising repeating steps a – j. The results obtained using ASTM Test Method D are usually lower than the results obtained by Test Method D, the amount of the deviation varying with the nature of the petroleum wax.


X938 method of zstm of clauseswherein the reproducibility of the method is at least 1. Additionally, increased operational consistency may be achieved as a result astj the standardization of rotation speeds by mechanical means. Furthermore, the paraffin wax has a low oil content and a high Saybolt colour. Make a repeat determination on the wax specimen. In some embodiments, temperature sensor 32 may be a laboratory thermometer They are easy to recover and offer a wide range of physical properties that can often be tailored by refining processes.

Preferably at least the third light wax i. Illustrative, non-exclusive examples of assemblies, systems and methods according to the present disclosure are presented in the following enumerated paragraphs. In some embodiments, a plurality of feet 48 may be provided.

ASTM D Method for Congealing Point of Petroleum Waxes, Including Petrolatum – YONGRUN

In some embodiments, a means to level the apparatus 10 v938 ensure that the flask 18 is parallel to the surface upon which the apparatus 10 rests may be provided.

Process for upgrading Fischer-Tropsch syncrude using thermal cracking and oligomerization. The relation between hydrogenation of the Fischer- Tropsch derived feed and the Saybolt colour of Fischer- Tropsch derived waxes is for example described on page in the “Handbook of Commercial Catalysts, Heterogeneous catalysts”, Howard F.