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Then after completion of the manuual, the non-recognized part is removed and placed in a pass bin. This feature lets the user assign an external module serial number to the USB device, in addition to the original device serial number. The job flow window indicates the flow of operation when a job is running.

This is the preferred method using the LCD Monitor. The error message displays the Slot and the failure message. The procedure for performing the software updates is as below. If the source is a file, select the desired file to import the serial numbers from. A dialogue box will be displayed as shown in Figure to allow manuual user to add a new barcode file name and specify the job file or modify existing barcode msnual.

Although many USB devices from different manufacturers may be branded with the same size say MBin reality they may have a slightly different number of sectors or total number of bytes.

If the source is a Formula, the formula needs to be specified to generate the serial numbers in the desired pattern. If the mouse cursor is placed over any inserted, recognized USB device, an ID drive info screen pops up as shown in Figure The default jobs that are available under the Run Job menu are as below: IMI reserves the right to change the hardware and software configurations on all its products without prior notice when deemed necessary for product improvement.


The different address mode options that are available are: Perform a quick format of the target drives No erase before formatting ESC Abort a job in progress or leave the current function to return to the top menu.

The eight digit 32bit transmission CRC of the data source. Figure Enter Module Serial Number 5. Press the DOWN key to select a specific job.

MPR & M USB Duplicator User Manual |

A fixed eight digit hex number is used for the copy data, eg. Please note that the desired serial numbers need to be listed one per line mahual the file and serial numbers from the file will be consumed upon request from the file.

Figure below shows a snapshot of the Check parameters mabual. This is normally the first operation in every job. After the power is turned on, the MPR takes about a minute to configure the machine, place its power up screen on the LCD screen and sound a manul sequence of five notes. You will hear two audible beep tones indicating janual M server is shutting down.

If the value 0 is not changed the entire capacity of the Drive will be used. Download the software update from IMI website. Each byte value is equal to the 8 hex digit sum of the LBA byte address. A sample formula is shown in Figurewith the different fields in the formula enabled.


The source can either be a formula or a file. If this option box is mqnual the MPR ignores an invalid file system. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Information in this manual is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of vendor.

Nortel M5208 Meridian User Manual

The available operations for this list are shown on the left column of the Job Editor screen shown in Figure The MPR runs on a fully featured Linux operating system. Logs are appended to the mahual every time a new job is run and the log file is over written when the unit is restarted.

Figure Module Serial Number 7. Mnual OK to save the Serial file. To add this operation to your new job, select the Set Values operation and click on the Add button.

A snapshot of the GUI is as shown below. Scan the module serial from the flash media d.

LUN1 will automatically be the sized with the remaining capacity if the value 0 is 5m208 changed. We have detected that you are running an outdated browser with security vulnerabilities. If the value is set to 0, the entire capacity of the drive will be taken FAT LUN0 will be checked as default c.