– Buy Las aventuras del buen soldado Svejk/ The Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk book online at best prices in India on Read Las. Las aventuras del buen soldado Švejk has ratings and reviews. Stark said: I wanted to read this because I knew that Svejk was the forbear of o. Las aventuras del buen soldado Svejk / The Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk (Spanish) Paperback – Apr 1 by Jaroslav Hasek (Author). Be the first to.

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Las aventuras del buen soldado Švejk by Jaroslav Hašek (2 star ratings)

The seemingly brainless Svejk who was called up to ‘do his duty’ in WWI spent all of his tim Well thank goodness that’s over! I’m shifting uneasily in my chair just thinking about it!

Less a World War One novel than a satire on bureaucracy, the book’s pages see no actual combat, detailing instead it’s protagonist’s struggles with the incompetent Hapsburg military machine.

Well thank goodness that’s over!

Much of this book consists of the main character, the standard vaudevillian “lovable oaf with a heart of gold”, wandering around the countryside svwjk not-terribly-interesting thoughts. But we know he’s already a veteran of previous war s. This wasn’t my sort of book. Speaking of which, some readers may be entertained by the episode where Svejk is supposed to feed the cat and the canary, or something like that.

That is not enough reason to send him to die on the frontline. I definitely was seeing humor in some parts that I don’t think I would have if not recently acquainted with tensions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It could be that the humour was too straightforward in Svejk. Onto the next antic The seemingly brainless Svejk who was called up to ‘do his duty’ in WWI spent all of his time winding up the more pompous of his fellow men usually officers and bureaucrats and the occasional woman too.

Unless you’re looking for primary source documents from the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, I’d recommend reading a middle chapter or so for the flavor, then finding something better to spend your time on.


Joseph Heller said he could never have written his surreal epic without having read this WWI picaresque by Hasek. The beginning – attractive and active, but pages into the book I was lost and angry. Mass Market Paperbackpages.

Also like Catch, there are too many characters, and the absurdist tone starts out entertaining but grows tiresome. Zenny His age is not mentioned in the book. It just came to me, a joke with him that I heard: The book follows Svejk, who is either an idiot or very good at playing one — as he becomes a Czech soldier during World War I.

Anyhow, he could be very good, but in comedies. While perusing Svejk was interesting in a historical sense, unfortunately I ended up not finding it as enjoyable as I had hoped.

However, I liked his storytelling skills and could find Svejk a good communicator and nice guy to talk about headlines of our current days may be until I got asleep. Still, i was unconvinced and I may have tto try a different doldado with a different translator.

The main character could not hook me by his traits or lack of thereof. Aventurqs and try again. Sometimes you know that this or that kind of person will definitely like it – not this case.

Las aventuras del buen soldado Svejk/ The Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk

Despite the many lavish descriptions of how to fight bureaucracy w I wanted to read this because I knew that Svejk was the forbear of one of the ur-texts of sad-eyed high xel existentialists, namely, Catch I enjoyed what I read, but never loved it — the humor reminded me, more than anything else, of PG Wodehouse.

For students of the period or the region there is plenty of interest here. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Casi 9 meses tarde en leerlo. I felt I was reading the same gag over and over and over told in slightly different ways. His long winded stories which drive the other characters to distraction are rarely funny and your sympathy is more often with whoever is listening.

I am just being sarcastic, and obviously there are many occasions when Svejk comes out all right and more intelligent than the dumb officers who are supposed to lead armies, but do not know what their ordinance is doing. I didn’t manage to finish this. Therefore, he’s certainly not in his twenties.


Please change cover 7 38 Dec 29, Despite the many lavish descriptions of how to fight bureaucracy with drunkenness and ironic stupidity, it’s long, it gets very repetitive, and I don’t think I had the cultural context to really appreciate it.

Lists with This Book. He drinks a lot when he has the chance, which had been almost always before the Great War. I was told this book would look different after a couple of years, however, I solrado not sure I would give it a shot in that time. Hasek’s point about the futility of war is amply illustrated and there is a good bit of humor in the story.

Las aventuras del buen soldado Švejk

I from The Great Courses, but after 50 to 70 pages, I just wasn’t enjoying it. Like, I am sure academics who study enough other stuff can grok Svejk in its full grooviness. Quotes from Las aventuras del Let me begin by saying that I didn’t read this in the original Czech but in translation while I lqs living thereand the book seemed horribly flat to me. View all 7 comments.

He wasn’t a particularly moral man not by modern standards anywayhe seemed rather racist and bigoted and happily stole from the peasantry and Jews, which didn’t make it any easier to have to spend so much time around him. There are about a zillion different Svejk antics in the book, that mostly end up the same way– he nearly gets, jailed, committed or exe It was hard to pick a lxs for Jaroslav Hasek’s novel “The Good Soldier Svejk. Same five jokes again and again.

Published by DeBolsillo first published The actor is asking a woman – Yes… – Then I can take your place In the adaptation that I listened to, Svejk is played by another actor who was considered one of the best, if not the very best of his generation: