Iktibar dari khutbah wida’ dan haji sempena Eid Al-Adha. Muhammad Haniff Hassan. Added by. M. Hassan. imagejpg. Tagged under. Hazoor Ikram Saaw Ka Khutbah Of Hajj Ul Wida ยท qari haneef multani, audio beyan, qari haneef audio, islamic lecture, blind aalim beyan. Khutbah Hajjatul Wida Farewell Sermon of the Holy Prophet s.a.w. at the Journey of Hajj – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Imam al-Tirmidhi has mentioned this sermon in Hadith nos. The Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam then lay khutbsh till dawn and offered the dawn prayer with an Adhan and Iqama when the morning light was clear. He pronounced the Oneness of Allaah saying: He urged her al-Qaswa a little, and, following the middle road, which comes out at the greatest jamrahe came to the jamra which is near the tree.

He is Allaah One,” and say: She has told the truth, she has told the truth. The Prophet then asked ‘Ali: His is the Sovereignty. You will neither inflict nor suffer any inequity. Apart from the rites and rituals, the addresses and speeches of the Prophet sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam succinctly sum up the teachings of Islam. But the Messenger of Allaah May peace. What did you say when you undertook to khutba for Hajj?

Hazoor Ikram Saaw Ka Khutbah Of Hajj Ul Wida

He Bilal then uttered Iqama and he the Prophet led the afternoon prayer and he observed no other prayer in between the two. He first mounted al-Safa’ till he saw the House, and facing Qibla he declared the Oneness of Allaah and glorified Him, and said: Abdullah and he began inquiring about the people who wisa gone to see him till it was my turn.

Then he gave the remaining number to ‘All who sacrificed them, and he shared him in his sacrifice. He is very kind to listen everyone prayers and replied them.


He explained them to live happily and gratefully. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. You are welcome, my nephew. I have left among you the Book of Allaah, and if you hold fast to it, you would never go astray.

We will bear witness that you have conveyed the messagedischarged the ministry of Prophethood and given wise sincere counsel. And the people also pronounced this Talbiya which they pronounce today.

And I asked him but as he was blind he could not respond to me immediatelyand the time for prayer came. He the Prophet then raised his forefinger towards the sky and pointing it at the people said: Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal has given us the longest and perhaps the most complete version of this sermon in his Masnud, Hadith no.

I have with me wlda animals, so do not put off the Ihram. Your capital, however, is yours to keep. Hadrat Abu Bakr was later on joined by Hadrat Ali in order to make a sure declaration on behalf of the Prophet sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam which khutah the freedom from obligation in regard to those idolatrous tribes who had shown no respect for the treaties which they had entered into with the Prophet sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam.

So they handed him a basket and he drank wkda it. Just as the first revelation in the cave of Hira’ marks the advent of the apostolic mission of Muhammad sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallamsimilarly his Farewell Pilgrimage marks its crowning glory.

May Allah Bless all Muslims. We came with the Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam pronouncing Talbiya for Hajj, and the Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam commanded us to make our Wiva into that of Umra.

Khutbah Hajjatul Wida | Faakhir Islamic & Education Books

He the narrator said that ‘Ali used to say in Iraq: And the Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam was prominent among us and the revelation of the Holy Qur’an was descending upon him.


And whenever he placed its ends upon his shoulders they slipped down on account of being short in size. O People, just as you regard this month, this day, this city as Sacred, so regard the life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust. My father said and I do not know whether he had made a mention of it but that was from Allaah’s Prophet [sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam] that he recited in two rak’ahs: The Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam then mounted his camel and came to the place of stay, making his she-camel al-Qaswa, turn towards the side where there we are rocks, having the path taken by those who went on foot in front of him, and faced the Qibla.

khutbah Hajjatul Wida in Urdu

It is a most reliable worship which contains all the information related to daily life. Not only the khutabh and rituals of the Pilgrimage were to be finally explained by the Prophet sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam but all those things which had any concern with Islam had been finalized. In this bad age It is my suggestion that Khutbah Hajjatul Wida must be revise on each Juma Prayer in every masque also in every School one time during each week it will change the lives of Muslims which are going khubah word hell due to bad guidance of media and more interfearen of non Muslim Governaments in Muslim countries.