Johane Masowe yechishanu Zimbabwe. K likes. Kudzidzisana, nekuvakana ne kudzorana pachinamato Tiri kumasowe echishanu akauya nemutumwa Baba . Holy Man in Central Africa This is a featured page. THE GREATEST HOLY MAN BORN IN CENTRAL AFRICA It was on the first October of Johane Masowe is one of the pioneering and most prominent founders of Independent African Churches in Zimbabwe. He is the founder of the Gospel of God.

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It is clear from the scriptures that God does not purpose to create a new earth. Celeb edition with Bonjo. There they discovered some of their own number who had migrated directly from Zimbabwe much earlier [8].

Inspired by Masowe, the vaPostori had an urge to reach Nairobi seen as the center of AfricaEthiopia an ancient center of Christianityand Jerusalem.

Moreover, Father John explained, that the Gospel begun on mount Marimba shall be spread throughout the world by Pastors, Evangelists, and Prophets all aided by the Ark in the singing.

Back ina couple of prominent figures in the scattered assemblies came up with a suggestion that they spare time at least once a year so that all believers from all assemblies can meet for at least a week and pray.

A couple of prayers and miracles took place on the crest of that Mountain and Nyota Mountain was renamed Dheranji by the Holy Spirit. Tell the natives to throw away their witchcraft medicines, not to commit adultery or rape. Moses did profoundly hard work under extremely difficult circumstance.

Woman burns to death during fight with lover December 30, Did God sacrifice anyone for Him to give those Laws to Moses?

Father John went on to say, that mmasowe earth is the only one of the planets as yet habitable. Then shall the prophecy of Christ be fulfilled. Masoew can God reveal Himself to Himself? The voice of sixpence was perceived answering – ‘Father. Anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing.

One explanation is that Shona spirit mediums sometimes required parents to devote their unmarried daughters to their service. Whereas Shoniwa would reply in the same manner; ‘Lord have mercy on us and cause our souls to obey the Ten Commandments! Police fines books are being destroyed. I mentioned before that we, of Johane Masowe yeChishanu, are not Christians, simply because the word Christians is not a revealed word.


Unlike the bible whose entry into Africa was used as an affront to grab all the wealth and inheritance of our fore masow by whites, Phophet Johane Masowe descended in the wilderness called Africa with nothing apart from the Holy Spirit. When the earth has undergone the baptism of fire, people, the representative of the saved nations will be men and women in whom no taint of sin is to be found; and therefore being without trace of sin cannot impart it to their offspring and would be johwne Adam and Eve before these ancestors had transgressed.

Probably, this is where most Christians miss the point about Masowe and worshipping Jesus. He preferred to do what people in the Bible did rather than only read about it [13]. He was not send to Zimbabwe. When the Holy Spirit revealed Itself and instructed the messianic mission to the Prophet, it also stayed with him, and the rest of the Religion to this day.

Johane Masowe – Wikipedia

Mwari wekuMasowe does not tire up. It was here that he begun to divide the offices of his senior disciples as follows: He also urged the folks to stop worshipping their gods but to turn to the one living God who has eternal life. Can you still call this the result of dreaming?

When a person joins their congregation, it means a complete change.

The spirit of Johane Masowe descends on Shashe

Masowe follow the same Mosaic Laws. The Sisters are another unusual feature of the vaPostori.

This assertion is backed up with a quote from 1 Enoch Instruct them to pray continuously until I revive, for should they stop praying I may fail to come back.

The Holy Spirit tells us kuMasowe that for the promised King of Kings Jesus to be born, the house of Israel had to be a free nation not under servitude in Egypt. It is a word originally drawn from the Persian and Mediterranean native languages, just like me, as a Shona person, has the word Mwari for God.

There are ways in place which believers mssowe use to seek help for their marital issues without divorcing.

The History of Baba Johane Masowe

The reason he stated for the bloody struggle, was because African authorities have rejected their own true messenger. Adding he said if the ark maspwe until the great and masoe day of the lord, the believers shall escape the destruction to come; as it was in the days of Noah when eight souls were rescued through the ark.


Masowe, as this large apostolic sect is affectionately dubbed in its country of origin, Zimbabwe, will bring together its members from across Africa to converge for a massive church service in Shashe where their biggest branch in Botswana is located. Madzibaba Johane passed away in Ndola, Zambia in leaving an indelible mark on the country’s religious landscape.

African clergymen and chiefs, prompted by jealousy on account of the multitudes faithful to Father John, complained to the authorities to the end that father John should be stopped preaching. After his death his movement continued to spread both by the high johahe rate associated with polygamy, which was approved Masowe himself had three wivesjohnae by evangelism to win new mawowe.

Teach every man to respect each other; and from your example every man or male shall be called – father and likewise maspwe female shall be called -mother. The best way to understand something is by learning it, not criticising it for the sake of gaining popularity. According to his earlier habit, he would revive; and this was in harmony with what has already been explained, concerning his being unconscious and then coming round, which used even to happen before he undertook his ministry.

Dickson Hohane 10 March at Ngatigarei murenje tinzwe kureva kwe Mweya Mutsvene. To quote the Christian book, the bible, John 1: You can only have one. During these two years he began purchasing religious books to further the knowledge and instruction of the people.

It is not proper for madzimai to expose their cleavages or wear clothing that induces suggestive thinking in men. As concerning Father John’s book, Rod and the seamless Gown, these were confiscated by the Rhodesian government and taken to England London where they are till this day.

Johane Masowe

Masowe innovated in worship services also. It is said that he received his calling at Marimba Hill near Norton. Once more the voice said; Sing: