: HODEIEN ADOREA (Paperback): Language: Basque. Brand New Book. Hodeien Adorea by Yoseba Peya at – ISBN – ISBN – Susa – – Softcover. HODEIEN ADOREA: Books –

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In my professional career, I have taught Basque language and literature at the University of Masarykova, Brno Czech Republicdealt with technical Basque in the region of Malerreka Navarrataught Basque to adults, and worked as a translator in several companies.

Ainara Maia Urroz “Although I am a philologist by trade, writing is my real passion … I write all the time! In andI got the second and third prizes at the Bizenta Mogel competition in Azkoitia for the following short stories: In Bitola, he will write a literary travel reportage about the Republic of Macedonia, its languages, history and people. From there he gradually shifted his focus from journalism to directing and writing scripts.

It is my personal mission and guiding force in life. He is responsible for around seven hundred publications in the thirty-year-long period that Zdravko has spent working in publishing. I have taken part in the — editions of Hatsaren poesia The Poetry in Breathing collection, and have recently been appointed to coordinate and publish this yearly publication. He has won several awards for his literary work: He has cooperated with various media since his student age, primarily in the area of culture, art and sport.

We need trumpets here, please, trumpets. He wants to work together with poets horeien translators from Macedonia, in order to translate poetry from Southeastern Europe to the North Sea coast and vice versa. Necesitamos trompetas, por favor, trompetas. Ime mi je Veronika Pivec, 7. Currently, his primary literary projects in Frisian are writing a collection of travel stories, with special focus on linguistic diversity, and completing his first collection of poetry.


I needed to hear my inner poetic voice, make sure that Basque would remain alive inside me, and melt my Basque roots abroad. He has edited several literary publications and hodeein Rody Gorman was born in Dublin in Whenever I get hurt, I feel the need to let it all out … in any language, but mainly in Basque … I want to be a writer … but I am a poet!

Gregor’s stories have been translated into Bosnian and Serbian.

Ekaitz Goienetxea Maribor Sorkuntza lana. She lives in Maribor. His first poetry book is “With me, inside me”, and his poems were released in a lot of Macedonian journals. Karen is a member of the editorial board of the Moanne cultural magazine and writes interviews, columns and stories. Arregi is a regular contributor to the Basque press for which he often writes leading articles and reviews, and he has taken part in many literary festivals.

Kurc pesmi, Lud Literatura, 6. I detect the smell you left behind.

New Anthology of Romanian Women. This is a record in the more than two years of this project. Both books are historical novels: The aim of those competitions is to promote literature and culture.

His interest focuses hoveien investigative journalism, for which he got two prizes at a European level. Aifric Mac Aodha was born in He began his career as a newspaper journalist for Boom publishers in Meppel, writing for several magazines in the Dutch provinces Drenthe, Overijssel, Flevoland and Gelderland.

In she emigrated to the United States and continued to write poetry and drama scripts.

absysNET Opac RLPE / EIPS

Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. She went on to overcome this setback and has been writing ever since. Rozendal wants to write a scientifically sound biography and views his stay in Macedonia as a prelude to this ambitious writing project. In her work she explores senses, that could be connected to how we experience different materials in sculpture and touch, taste or feel them.


Rikardo Arregi Diaz de Heredia was born in Gasteiz in Gregor Lozar Gregor Lozar is a writer. She has spent several years organizing and leading the Slovene Book Days festival. After leaving school inhe moved to Ljubljana. Apart from that, as editor of Ensafh, he wants to collaborate with Macedonian literary journals, establishing enduring connections between the linguistic areas.

Currently she is working on her first collection of short stories that is about to come out in Zdravko is also an author and translator, especially of dramatics. From tohe was active in the field of conceptual art, performance, extended media, and exhibited at a large number of individual and group exhibitions, including the 7th Biennial in Paris,as well as exhibitions in Edinburgh, Dortmund, Rome, Viena, Warsaw, Belgrade, etc.


The above is Elvira Bonafacio’s description of the road to her upcoming stay in Ireland as a resident Other Words writer. For many aodrea he organized a festival on storytelling: During his residency in Macedonia Zdravko would like to work on his translation and screenplay project. In he collaborated with Neisha on her latest album Vrhovi Nika, I could never have imagined that these accomplishments were preparing me for Other Words, my next challenge.

Over time, he made the move to the journalism for television. While in San Sebastian, he wants to write a short story in the Bildt language, his mother tongue, a non-Frisian regional minor language in the Province of Friesland; a language which developed from the sixteenth century when Dutch dike workers and farm workers emigrated to Friesland in order to win land from the sea in the Bildt region.