Barbary pirate turned Ottoman naval commander Hayreddin Barbarossa led a very interesting life. Learn more about him here. Barbarossa: Barbarossa, (Italian: “Redbeard”) Barbary pirate and later admiral of the Ottoman fleet, by whose initiative Algeria and Tunisia became part of the. The Mediterranean pirate who would ultimately be remembered as Barbarossa ( Italian for “Redbeard”) went by many names during his career: Khiḍr, Hayreddin .

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Barbarossa, angered by the response, besieged and captured the city. Charles then dispatched an agent to offer Barbarossa “the lordship of North Africa” for hayrreddin changed loyalty, or if that failed, to assassinate him.

He became an established potter and purchased a boat to trade his products. The name also stuck with him because it was similar to his Turkish name Barbarous. Leave this field blank. In Mayhe landed at Crotone in Calabria and sacked the city, sank a Spanish galley and a Spanish fusta in the hayredcin, assaulted Castignano in Marche on the Adriatic Sea and later landed hagreddin Cape Spartivento.

In a process of linguistic reborrowingthe nickname then stuck back to Hayreddin’s native Turkish name, in the form Barbaros.


Barbarossa then successfully repulsed further Spanish attacks on southern France, but was recalled to Istanbul after Charles V and Suleiman had agreed to a truce in Mahatma Gandhi, Indian lawyer, politician, social activist, and writer who became the leader of the nationalist….

In a separate incident, he sank a Spanish ship and captured eight others. A combined Franco-Ottoman force captured the city. Hayreddin bested his opponent, who hayreddinn a Spanish-Genoese fleet of 40 galleys, for which he won the personal gratitude of the sultan. He also learned to speak Italian, Spanish, French, Greek and Arabic in the early years of his career. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha. Inwith 12 galliots and 1, Turks, they destroyed two Spanish fortresses at Bougie, and when the Spanish fleet under the command of Miguel de Gurrea, viceroy of Majorcaarrived for assistance, they headed towards Ceuta and raided that city before capturing Jijel in Algeria, which was under Genoese control.

Their father was former Muslim soldier, probably from a recent converted family of the European Provinces. Hayreddin had his vengeance in the same year when he raided the French region of Provence.


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Because galleys were driven by oars and thus did not depend on the wind, they were more maneuverable and reliable on the sides of bays and islands shielded from the wind than sailing ships were.

Hayreddin continued to serve the Ottoman Empire loyally.

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Internet URLs are the best. By when Barbarossa returned to Constantinople he had a total of 44 ships under his command.

In Julyhe landed at Otranto and captured the city, as well as the Fortress of Castro and the city of Ugento in Apulia. Whilst Suleiman was on a military expedition to Habsburg Austria in the following year, Doria captured several cities on the coast of the Greek mainland. Cresques, the flag of the Karamanidsanother Anatolian beylik, consisted of a blue six-edged star.

He then sailed to Genoa with his ships and threatened to attack the city unless it freed Turgut Reiswho had been serving as a galley slave on a Genoese ship and then was imprisoned in the city since his capture in Corsica by Giannettino Doria in For this, he had to relinquish his title of Sultan of Algiers to the Ottomans. This brilliant tactician and naval asskicker was determined to smite the fuck out of the infidel crusaders to the fullest extent of his impressive abilities.

As a result, Hayreddin was summoned to the court in Constantinople, and was appointed as the admiral of the Ottoman fleet. The Ottoman fleet then assaulted the coasts of Sardinia before appearing at Ischia and landing there in Julycapturing the city as well as Forio and the Isle of Procida before threatening Pozzuoli. De un dibujo de A.

Hayreddin Barbarossa: Causing a Ruckus as the Notorious Pirate Redbeard | Ancient Origins

We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. John – Christian pirates who often raided Ottoman vessels in the western Mediterranean. Hayreddin had three brothers, though byhe was the only hayresdin left, as the all his brothers had been killed during combat.

In he re-captured Coron, conquered Hayrerdin, blew up Sicily, and plundered the shit out of the Italian coast. They were granted this right with the condition of leaving one-third of their gains to the sultan.


Turkish pirate Hayreddin Barbarossa, who founded Algiers state in the 16th century Hayreddin Barbarossa He then hayreddib on the coasts of Tuscanybut retreated after seeing the fleet of Andrea Doria and the Knights of St.

The Sultan basically went around to the most badass Muslim pirates in the Middle East and told them, “Hey dude if you promise only to fuck up the Christians and leave Turkish shipping alone, I’ll give you a bunch of troops, cannons, supplies, and money in return.

Hayreddin Barbarossa

This article is about the Ottoman admiral. They defended Tlemcen for 20 days, but were eventually killed in combat by the forces of Garcia de Tineo. In he was appointed admiral in chief of the Ottoman Empire, and the next year he conquered the whole of Tunisia for the Turks, Tunis itself becoming the base of piracy against the Italian coast.

Hayreddin from Arabic Khayr ad-Din”goodness” or “best of the faith” was an honorary name given to him by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

He spent the winter with his fleet and 30, Turkish soldiers in Toulonbut occasionally sent his ships from there to bombard the coasts of Spain. Contact our editors with your feedback. Well this masturbatory Grand Showcase of naval might was great and all, but as Harvey Keitel would say, “let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet, gentlemen. We’ve sent an email to Please follow the instructions to reset your password.

Operating of the Tunisian coast in the early s, Hizir Reis and his band of bloodthirsty buccaneer brothers got busy bashing peoples’ faces in with their scimitars on a daily basis. Hayreddin Barbarossa Barberousse-antoine maurin Turkish pirate Hayreddin Barbarossa, who founded Algiers state in the 16th century Hayreddin Barbarossa InHayreddin died of natural causes, and was buried on the European side of the Bosporus Straits.

In the Siege of Nice inBarbarossa’s fleet combined with a French force to capture the city. Historical Dictionary of the Ottoman Empire. After capturing a total of 23 ships in less than a month, the brothers sailed back to La Goulette.