It was established by the Gram Nyayalayas Act, Gram Nyayalayas are mobile village courts in India established for speedy and easy access to justice. (1) For the purpose of exercising the jurisdiction and powers conferred on a Gram Nyayalaya by this Act, the State Government, after consultation with the High. Keywords: nyaya panchayats, alternate disputes redessal, gram nyayalaya act. 1. Introduction. Some form of village self-government seems to have some form.

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The th report of the Law Commission was the originator of the idea of a Gram Nyayalaya. Overriding effect of Act in criminal trial. It should be clear then that the Act does not impose the consensual resolution of disputes on parties; they may seek adversarial adjudication and engage lawyers to appear for them before the Gram Nyayalaya if an amicable resolution does not appear possible.

The Gram Nyayalaya shall follow summary procedure in criminal trial. The primary focus of the Gram Nyayalaya is to bring about conciliation between the parties. Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. The Gram Nyayalaya uneasily straddles two approaches to legal system reform: Nyayadhikaris and employees, etc. India’s judicial system is characterized by systemic problems, including corruption, delays, pendency, increasing costs, limited legal aid, and a lack of appropriately nyayalya lawyers and judges.

The Committee acknowledged that there were shortcomings in the functioning of these bodies of which the slow pace of utilization of funds, in the absence of proposals by the States was purported to be the njayalaya cause.

Establishment of Gram Nyayalayas. Hence, the success of these institutions should not only be measured by the number of courts established in different states, but also in terms of reaching out to deprived sections of the society and its role in the overall reduction in the pendency of cases.

Overriding effect of Act in civil proceedings.

Provision also has to be made for providing adequate security. The Gram Nyayalaya shall exercise the powers of a Civil Court with certain modifications and shall follow the special procedure as provided in the Act.


Head of the Gram Nyayalayas: An Act to provide for the establishment of Gram Nyayalayas at the grass roots level for the purposes of providing access to justice to the citizens at their doorsteps and to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of social, economic or other disabilities and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Gram Nyayalayas Act, 2008

The Graj has added the lowest tier of courts of subordinate judiciary in addition to the regular civil and criminal courts. Instead they are likely to spawn a new arena where disputes which were hitherto resolved through other dispute processing mechanisms will now enter the legal system.

Courts of Judicial Magistrate of Second Class.

nywyalaya Interestingly, a recurring question during various discussions prior to the passing nyayalaga the Act was that whether speedy disposal meant speedy and effective justice for the poorer litigant. A person accused of an offence may file an application for plea bargaining.

Instead, the Act restricts the provision of appeal to civil cases above a specified pecuniary value, and criminal cases where the accused has not pleaded guilty, or has been ordered to pay a fine over one thousand rupees.

A brief of the Report is presented below:. Procedure in Civil Acr. Retrieved 13 May Monday 17 August Apart from finance and political will, lack of coordination between high courts and state governments has also delayed setting up of gram nyayalaya. Other reasons for the institution falling short of expectations have been the lack of cooperation from lawyers and Public Prosecutors.

Where are rural courts?

Creation of awareness among various stakeholders: Record of oral evidence. Jharkhand 6 Gram Nyayalayas have been notified. Creation of a regular cadre of Gram Nyayadhikari: The Department-Related Parliamentary Standing Committee, in its report to Parliament, expressed dismay that the Gram Nyayalayas which were supposed graam usher in a revolution at the lowest level of the judicial system were being held back nyaywlaya of fund sharing problem between the Central and the State Governments.


The Jurisdiction of the Gram Nyayalayas may be redefined in order to remove the ambiguities regarding the jurisdiction of Gram Nyayalayas, and the Act amended.

Gram Nyayalayas Act, | Bare Acts | Law Library | AdvocateKhoj

Provided that the Court of Session may entertain an appeal after the expiry of the said period of thirty days if it is satisfied that the appellant had sufficient cause for not preferring the appeal within the said period.

Suitable steps may be taken for creating awareness among various stakeholders including the revenue and police officers. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat A Gram Nyayalaya is established for every Panchayat at intermediate level or a group of contiguous Panchayats at intermediate level in a district.

You can further help us by making a donation. The Gram Nyayalaya shall not be bound by the rules of evidence provided in the Indian Evidence Act, but shall be guided by the principles of natural justice and subject to any rule made by the High Court. This will mean a lot for our ability to bring you news, perspectives and analysis from the ground so nysyalaya we can make change together.

Madhya Pradesh 89 Gram Nyayalayas have been notified. The Centre would fund half of the recurring cost for the first three years. Sub-section 10 provides that the judgment shall contain a concise statement of the case, the point nyayalaua determination, the decision thereon and the reasons for such decision.

Gram Nyayalayas

Officers recruited to this service ought to have a degree in social work apart from a law degree. As a result, procedural laws have been simplified, lokadalats and fast truck courts introduced and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration, conciliation and mediation have been incorporated into the legal system. Nyayalata 13 docs – [ View All ].