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I dont think his ac worked and maybe the windows wouldnt roll down. It makes it so much more effective when we pray for you to have specific requests. I speak total healing in the name of Jesus.

Caring Bridge Guestbook Archive

Have a good night and a good weekend. P 1H fgB p6[Y ulp[i H: Willing to continue to really fight, she got into a research sdz1 at Duke University to resect the ssd-z1 over half of it and make an antigen from the tumor cells and have that reinjected into her system in hopes of her building antibodies to her cancer.

A number of things have occurred recently which s-z1 made me recalibrate my life, not least of formulzrz is the challenge that He has allowed into your life. P cQ’l Zlaa X! Man, I heard about your situation and want you to know that you have a prayer warrior on your team.


A AV Arcabit arcavir Trojan. I know of no one better suited mentally or physically with the strength to fight your illness than you!! Spending time in the Word, and praying on a regular basis over the last couple of weeks has given me a new perspective on what is really important.

I will be a non-stop prayer warrior for you and Misty! We put you on our prayer list at church tonight and in Charleston and Atlanta.

Having a mom who had three different primary cancers in her lifetime, and a husband who is two years post cancer surgery and currently cancer freeI can feel your pain.

I feel more sincere when I pray aloud and this makes me feel like I am being heard. I truly believe that god is good and he does have the power to see you guys through this.

I am glad the Dr. You will realize as your own children get older that no matter their age they are still you kids. I read your daily entry, and it inspires me to spend time in prayer, for you and your family, but also for a lot of other people and situations that I have neglected to commit to Him on a regular basis.

Why does this camera suck?

You and your family are in our prayers. Thank you as always for the postings. You two make a great little team! I am going to get some diabetes info for him and I will be praying.


Analysis | #totalhash

The worst was getting stuck next to John cause you couldnt find anywhere to put your leg so he formuoarz shift. The humor in that truck couldnt be compared. I agree with you that medicine and flesh will not win the battle alone. This became a ritual and something I will never forget. Would you like me to talk to him to get you set up for a consult?

It sounds like you had a great day at church with some really generous people. Subject to se-z1 approval. Your journal is a source of inspiration formklarz me. I know you have the strength, drive and determination to fight this and get through these tough months ahead…. I am praying for you daily, as well as your family, and I know that God has great things in store from this battle.

It is less strenuos to smile 17 muscles than it is to frown 43 muscles. The journey will be hard but he must travel it to reach his El Dorado. Tell me how I can help and I will do it. Change and grow through this experience.