DOM PROSPER GUÉRANGER, ABBOT OF SOLESMES Dom Guéranger, abbot of Solesmes from , was one of the leading monastics and liturgists. The mystery of the feast of the Purification and Presentation in the temple, fourth mystery of the rosary, with text on St. Simeon by Dom Prosper. Dom Guéranger was appointed Abbot of Solesmes (Oct. 31) and Superior General of the Benedictines of the “Congrégationde France”, and those of the little.

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Prosper Guéranger

That was after he sent an appeal to Pope Pius, ;rosper him to send a chaplain to St. For obvious reasons, the pope was obliged to excommunicate the Emperor. Purchasing items through these Amazon links will support this site: Here was a young priest who had never been a monk, had no existing model of Benedictine community life to guide him, had no one with first-hand knowledge whom he could consult, and yet he proposed to revive monasticism virtually single-handedly!

His decision was made in Juneand in Decemberthanks to private donations, the monastery became his property.

The Purification – Its Mystery

There is this about how Our Lady appeared at the Rue du Bac weeping for the overthrow of the monarchy and Christendom. That said of it, how describe the work to anyone unfamiliar with it? With this end in view he set himself to combat, wherever he thought he found its traces, the separatist spirit that had, of old, allied itself with Gallicanism and Jansenism. The present essay has another subject, the life and achievements of a particular individual, but the life and all that the individual did especially all he did need to be seen in historical context to be fully appreciated.


The editor of New Advent is Kevin Knight. Without that certainty, he might not have persevered.

Hitler is an example. Later, as his empire started to crash down around him, Napoleon ordered that the pope be taken to the south of France and then, pfosper with the hopelessness of his own situation, sent word to let His Holiness don his way freely back to Italy.

When it was all over, Pius did tell attendants that at no time did Napoleon threaten physical violence, or much less attempt it. They also offer commentary on parts of the liturgy. Benedictine monks are famous for their smiling faces. In another era, more might have stayed, but the circumstances of the moment worked against them. Built on the Thematic Theme Framework. Catherine Laboure the design of the Miraculous Medal.

More precisely, he remembered the attraction he had felt as a seminarian for a vanished way of life. His was the som that was on the actual helm of the ship of state.

Regrettably, I can’t reply to every letter, but I greatly appreciate your feedback — especially notifications about typographical errors and inappropriate ads. Skip to main content. England on the other side of the Channel and Russia which was a world unto itself lay outside his control.

For instance, for nearly forty years St. And much, much more will be found in our archived posts for Catholic France. A heresy that first arose in France, one that proposed democracy as a political model for the governance even of the Church, could not take root in its native country.

He died on 30 January at the age of Benedict Center, we note that they write at their website:. This was his thinking, and not his alone. This affinity is underlined if we add to our little list of men and events the name of Louis Cardinal Pie.


After championing for decades the substitution of the Roman liturgy for the hodge-podge of local rites that existed in France — the legacy of too many years of rampant Gallicanism — he saw his desire fulfilled before leaving this world in Peter Julian Eymard, St.

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Prosper Louis Pascal Gueranger

We have seen in this essay certain similarities between the Church in Nineteenth-Century France and the Church in most vueranger ex-Christendom today, including the U. Napoleon, the very embodiment of the Revolution, intended from the outset to be his own look-out as well as helmsman. The encounter in the ruins, following as it did the barrenness of the ordination ceremony earlier in vueranger day, gives us a picture of the desolation of the Church in France at that time.

Benedictine and polygraph; b. Nearly half the seventy young men who entered the seminary with him that year soon dropped out.

One or another can be taken to Mass and used as a Missal. It had to find the right soil elsewhere, which is to speak of a land where the teaching on Christ as King of Society was practically never taught, and so became known as Americanism. Above all, he presided over the rebirth of French monasticism, prospeg, through it — even if he did not live to see the further development — the rebirth of religious life elsewhere. Now that Our Lady of Fontgombault, a daughter house of Solesmes, has founded a daughter house of her own in the U.

There was great significance in that. Virtually ANY Amazon purchase through these links supports us.