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16 Super Catalog Avon C16 – centennial

We also are challenged by negative company service feedback due to products frequently being shorted from orders and frustration with outsourced customer service representatives that do not speak English clearly.

The Avon community is a very friendly and helpful. Avon used to be a great company to work for, then they got greedy, not caring about their employees or their representatives, just wanting the bottom line to grow.

You get to work from home and make your own schedule.

The more value your sales come out to be, the more percentage you get from it. I love working around things that I enjoy.

It worked out for me being a stay at home parent. It is way too much work when you have a full plate already but its enjoyable making the money and meeting new people. I love that I can help people with fundraiser for whatever event they are in need of. A day as an Avon representative. People are generally happy.


Coworkers are supportive and helpful, however all are stressed tight, overworked, and concerned about their future in the company. Previous 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Next. The hardest part of the job is attempting to make sales goals that continue to rise despite the economy and shrinking pocket books on the part of buyers. I learned that when people order they need to pay for it.

I like the website makes it easy to order the things that the customer want. Overall, Avon is a great company!

Great working with Customers. I have learned catalkg things about customer needs cata,og how to meet their needs and what products they need. After that I type their orders into an Avon Computer program. Later, my job was eliminated and I tested and passed MS Office for another job on first shift. Sales Representative selling makeup products. Relationship building cajpania the key. You get paid by how much you sale. I am a loyal fan of their skincare products.

Sometime was very busy other times very slow I love to work i was my on boss The meeting Was Very Fun. Three years later, I was terminated due to cut backs. Expect to work long hours and be on the road traveling a lot. I’m able to motivate people, help them to continually adjust their goals based on changing wants and needs.


For jobs in the United States, please visit www. Good benefits, poor management. Motivation skills and high energy are a must. You can also lose money, Results vary based on team. It’s more like a side job where you can make some money.

Avon Pay & Benefits reviews in United States

Want to know more about working here? The products were good. Ratings by category Clear. The company was trusted I used the products.

Catalog avon 11 – [PDF Document]

Claimed Profile Review this company. Upper management seems to not have a clue about the “real world” of representatives. The campaia does not take as long as I thought it would.