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For failure again to comply with the said directive, on September 10,this Office was constrained to submit the following recommendations to the Court, to wit: In view of Mr. Hindi ko nailipat sa email add ko nandun sa memory card ko ee. On April 14,a letter requiring him to show cause within a non-extendible period of five 5 days from notice why his salary should not be withheld for failure to comply with office rules and regulations on the submission of monthly financial reports on the aforementioned funds for the said periods.

He further explained that he has also been acting as Court Interpreter for several years already, making, checking and reviewing all the transcript[s] of stenographic notes taken during the hearings, that is, in addition to the functions he has to perform as a Clerk of Court. However, the team reported that Mendoza’s monthly reports of collections, deposits, and withdrawals were not submitted on time. The Court further requires respondent Mendoza to submit himself to the Supreme Court Medical Services, Manila, for medical examination, and directs the Supreme Court Medical Services to submit to the Court a Medical Report and Certification from the Head of the Medical Services whether Mendoza’s physical pains render him incapable of effectively discharging his duties as Clerk of Court.


Neglect of duty refers to the failure of an employee to give one’s attention to a task expected of him. The OCA further recommended the following: Mendoza that recommendation for the release of his withheld salaries and allowances could only be effected upon submission of the required financial reports.


Another letter dated January 29, was sent again to Mr. His salaries were withheld starting July In a letter dated March 07,Mr. The audit team did not find any shortage of funds in Mendoza’s accounts.

However, in a letter dated 25 February by Atty. The Court directs the Finance Division, FMO-OCA to release respondent Mendoza’s withheld salaries and allowances considering his submission of the required reports after withholding the fine imposed upon him in this Decision. The OCA stated that it could not exonerate Mendoza on the grounds that he had to attend to his daughter’s schooling and that he was suffering from a nerve disease because he could have delegated his duties to one of his subordinates.

My own adventure blog: Mendoza narrated a family problem he had with his daughter and admitted his being remiss in the submission of the required financial reports.

For Fiduciary Fund FF a. Click here to register In the meantime, we order the release of his withheld salaries and allowances considering his compliance with OCA Circular No.

According to the team, the delay was also due to Mendoza’s failure to delegate to his subordinates some of the tasks pertaining to the collections, deposits, and preparation of monthly reports.

In case no transaction is made bj the month, written notice thereof shall be submitted to the aforesaid Office not later henita the 10th day of the succeeding month.

The OCA stated that Mendoza’s repetitive acts constitute simple neglect of duty, a less grave offense punishable by suspension for one month and one day to six months for the first offense.

The Court cannot accept Mendoza’s excuse that his failure to submit the required financial reports was due to his finabce work. Mendoza told the team that the delay was due to his voluminous workload.


AlmirantePhil. In a letter dated October 15,Mr.


The team also reported that all funds were properly accounted for. The OCA recommended that the complaint be re-docketed as a regular administrative matter. He also asserted that the audit team did not find any shortage of funds, and thus, he was not entirely neglectful in handling the collections entrusted to him.

Search this Thread Advanced Search. The records show otherwise. Click mo lang yung thank you My own adventure blog: He stated that the required reports were already submitted to Atty. All that and more, so what are you waiting for, JOIN us now!!!! In a letter dated November 26,this Office informed Mr. Contents published on www.

In his comment, Mendoza claimed that the funds were already deposited to the respective Supreme Court accounts. Mendoza seems to submit unsatisfactory explanation whenever required to show cause for his failure to submit the monthly financial reports. In view of the foregoing, this Office respectfully submits the following recommendations for your Honor’s consideration and directive, to wit: Notably, on June 16,this Office recommended the withholding of the salaries of Mr.

Finally, the Court directs the Presiding Judge of the Municipal Trial Court, Gasan, Marinduque to strictly supervise his accountable officer to ensure faithful compliance with the Court’s circulars and other issuances on the proper handling of judiciary funds.

As pointed out by the OCA, he could have delegated some of his work to his subordinates instead of doing everything himself to the point of being unable to do his other duties. Ang saya saya, yung 20 na lang kayo gusto pa kayo bawasan ng prof niyo for next academic year.