Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía: Atlantis: la ciudad perdida – greg donegan. Compra, venta y. Libros sin clasificar: Atlantis. la ciudad perdida – greg donegan. Compra, venta y subastas de Libros sin clasificar en todocoleccion. Lote Atlantis Book Series (2 Books). From Book 1 ATLANTIS, LA CIUDAD PERDIDA (Spanish Edition) by Greg Donegan (). More Buying Choices – Paperback.

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Books by Greg Donegan. I love everything about is this series and cannot recommend it highly enough. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Don’t get me wrong if you are into sci-fi this is right up your alley, I usually enjoy a good sci-fi occasionally, but found it difficult for this to move me.

Whatever the reason I just found it hard to make it through this book, which is a shame since I like this author, I like Atlantis and I like paranormal stuff.

Atlantis – La Ciudad Perdida

I can’t recall reading another story built around a cuidad idea, and that’s quite a statement regarding a Science Fiction novel. The Bermuda Triangle, The Devil’s Sea near Japan, and the jungles treg Cambodia all having some strange connection where mysterious things atlntis. I found myself often frustrated with the slow pace of the unraveling of the story.

In fact, the nature of the antagonists themselves is really up in the air even after the last chapter. Griffin featured his name spelled incorrectly. Trivia About Atlantis Atlanti A merciless enemy that will lead Dane—and the whole planet—into the final desperate battle for survival. But the errors in this book were so numerous, it’s mind-boggling to imagine there being a first draft in this state, much less a finished release.


Granted, in a thriller, it’s hard to make all your characters vast wells of complexity. I was hoping for more pay-off in this novel about the Bermuda Triangle and other mysterious “triangles” across the planet, which turn out to be linked to Atlantis, and possibly another dimension.

I have read each series from start to finish, and simply could not put them down. I’ve read several of this author’s “Area 51” series, and they’re pretty fun. But, more than puddle depth would be nice.

I was disappointed to find that there is a ‘next’ book although the story did end, it didn’t finish and now I must read the next book which I have discovered leads to book 3 which then leads to book 4. Inthe USS Thresher, a nuclear submarine, is lost under unusual circumstances, part of a secret government investigation into mysterious gates. I think its a fun and cool series, and I look forward to reading part three.

I hope the next book continues this! Unfortunately I can’t quite put my finger on it but these just aren’t as good as the Area 51 books. It had peaks and valleys to it, and the ending appeared a bit rushed and a little far-fetched as far as the imagination goes.

Now in present time, a plane has disappeared once again in Cambodia. Bob, please take the time and effort to go back and replace the unedited versions of your work with edited versions.

Mar 19, Richard Tolleson rated it really liked it. I hadn’t realized that this is only the first book in a six-book series. Set in two very different time lines, both modern day, and the days of the Vikings. Each story has a good pace, and he occasionally shows glimpses of how the stories are going to intersect. The plot is good and there is plenty of action. Other books cjudad the series.


Jul 01, Glen rated it liked it. Oh, wait, I forgot–he also has a flash of genius during the climax of the story that enables him to serve as a sledghammer-subtle example of Deus ex Machina. Just finished Atlantis – Yep, a really great read all the way through.

Oct 25, Frank Peterson rated it it was amazing.

Atlantis – La Ciudad Perdida : Greg Donegan :

Atlxntis, again, these were errors that appeared on every page of the book, each one breaking the immersion and taking me out of the story while my brain worked out what he was trying to say instead of what he actually had on the page.

At first this created an off-kilter sense of mystery, kind of like the first few episodes of “Lost,” but nowhere NEAR as brilliant. I read the Kindle version, and I hope the print version was not as poorly edited.

The author manages to yet again blend history, mythology and Sci-fi into a very fast paced and engrossing book. Implausible but good airplane fodder.