Akka in Action has 80 ratings and 8 reviews. Sebastian said: * this is a review of MEAP v15 version – currently 14 of 15 chapters have content (not confi. Scala API. In the Scala API, Akka provides an Actor trait that you can extend from to build your Akka in Trading Price Action Pages·· Akka is a Scala-based toolkit that simplifies developing concurrent distributed applications. Akka uses Actors-independently executing processes that.

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Akka in Action

Scaling with Akka and durability: Nov 04, Venkatesh-Prasad rated it really liked it. Traditional scaling and durability: Into the cloud 2. Akka in Action is a comprehensive tutorial on building message-oriented systems using Akka. Rob Williams has more than 20 years of product development experience. Up and Running 2. Alexander Salimonov rated it liked it Dec 26, Emanuele Blanco rated it really liked it Apr 22, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Akka makes it relatively easy to build applications in the cloud or on devices with many cores that efficiently use the full capacity of the computing power available. Aug 02, Bogdan rated it it was amazing. Fast consumer, expanding metrics.


By no means this book covers all the aspects of Akka which is enormously huge, albeit allows you to write full fledged applications based only on itself. Good info but weirdly organized. Rate-detaching parts of a graph Slow consumer, rolling up events into summaries.

You’ll learn to test and deploy an actor system and scale it up and out, showing off Akka’s fault tolerance. You won’t learn much new stuff here. The enterprise integration router pattern. I had a bit similar feeling with “Scala in Actioh some time ago, but it worked our very positively, so maybe I’m a bit oversensitive here too.

Akka in Action [Book]

It provides a good introduction to fault tolerance in the context of actor model It could have been a great book if 1 it used simple and precise language e. Big Data Principles and best practices of scalable realtime data systems. Implementing the router pattern using Actors 9. Clearly, a book to pick up Akka and scratch the surface of distributed computing.

Akka in Action shows you how to build message-oriented systems with Akka. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best.


Скачать Akka in Action MEAP v13 – Raymond Roestenburg, Rob Bakker, and Rob Williams

While this is generally fine, I felt that some important code bits inn missing and this slowed down reading and comprehension.

Recognizing thread pool problems.

Akka in Action combo added to cart. You can purchase or upgrade to liveAudio here or in liveBook. The book concludes with practical advice on how actoon tune and customize a system built with Akka.

Akka in Action shows you how to build message-oriented systems with Akka. Scaling with Akka 1.

Akka in Action MEAP v13

Responding with a stream over HTTP. Dec 09, Frank Palardy acction it really liked it Shelves: This book assumes that you? Traditional scaling and interactive use: Most notable omission is probably Akka Typed and Akka Streams.

Anyway, I felt a bit odd when reading this book: Implementation of an FSM model