Dr. Abdessamad DIALMY Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco. Short title: Sexuality and Islam Key words: Islam, Sexuality, Pleasure, Marriage, Public. Abdessamad Dialmy (Fez University) Dr. Dialmy, a sociologist of sexuality, gender and religion, is a former full professor at Fez and Rabat Universities and a . The Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) was established in to educate the public about contemporary Middle East affairs. A registered.

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The holy text also participates in the founding of the history: When it is lost, all is lost. Consequently, sodomy is forbidden as some hadiths abdesxamad This minor doctrine can today spread thanks to financial support from the oil producing Arabic countries, the aggressive proselytism of its muftis, and the broadcasting of their message via satellite television.

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Abdessamad Dialmy | Men in Movement, IV

The latter show that sexual practices of Moslems often deviate from proclaimed Islamic standards, which are centred only on heterosexuality and conjugal life. Indeed, if most prostitutes belong to lower social classes, it evidently does not mean that the majority of girls of modest social origin will end up being one. Abddssamad mention another example: A nikah aabdessamad man Koran and Sunna show that nikah reflects the male point of view.

In addition to poverty, and sometimes in the absence thereof, individual psychological traumas cause certain people to become prostitutes. In Sexuality and Arab women.

Sexual standards in Islam are paradoxical: In the anonymous urban space, sexual aggression in the street through harassing or rape becomes common. A currently dominant neo-traditional interpretation distinguishes between Koranic virginity and consensual virginity JeunesseSida et islam au Maroc. Dialmmy 10 left in stock – order soon.

Sexuality in contemporary Arab society.

He is called a louat in reference to people of Loth, the Bible prophet. The author reports no conflict of interest. Consequently, any woman in the urban public space is considered by the Moslem man to be within reach. Sexuality and Islam Key words: Rejection of homosexuality For the dominant vision of Islam, homosexuality is a turpitude fahichabut Koran did not envisage a legal sanction against this major sin kabira. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.


Consequently, badessamad the basis of an interdict has become obsolete, the interdict should be lifted and the text should be reinterpreted or simply discarded. Men remain sexually active for life.

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Incest, rape and loss of virginity are determining factors in the psychosocial trajectory which leads a girl to prostitution. Next to its biological and psychological dimensions, sexuality is a totally social phenomenon which is largely regulated by Islam where this religion prevails. Premarital female sexuality in Morocco. Log In Sign Up. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

For all three varieties of Islamism, the opposition between the normative and historical Islams leads constantly to the presumption that a breakpoint has been reached, and that the perfect Islam is being betrayed by imperfect Moslems. Eroticism is behind the times due to problems of housing and lack of sexual education. But this cultural approach especially developed by anthropologistswhich makes the hymen the most costly, if not the only female asset for all Moslem girls, is gradually evolving into a sociological approach: Rejection of homosexual identity is a sign of the weakness dialmmy certain Moslems who lose their grip on power and their prestige.

In What about masculinity? It thus universalises and dial,y perceived as the international Islam, without any links with cultures or territories. These findings are exploited by Islamists; using Islam for political ends these Moslems criticise the authorities for not enforcing their co-religionists to abide by Islamic norms. It can no longer be postulated that Islam forms a single block that unanimously opposes sexual liberation. Many repudiated women must care for their children and for this reason prostitute themselves occasionally, at the start of the new school year or on the occasion of religious feasts.


By this, I mean the beginning of de-institutionalisation and practical secularisation of sexual practices. Nowadays, these practices increasingly claim to adhere to a naive and informal ethic of pleasure, to an exploitation of sex for nonsexual goals or, in a few cases, to the exercise of a human right. So, nikah is the privileged space of pleasure; it is one of the good things in life tayyibat.

Dar al Kitab al Arabi High to Low Avg. Currently, Islam is not any more the only reference which provides guidance concerning sexual practices but secularisation of sexual laws is still politically unthinkable today. Consequently, in the eyes of Islamists and, by extension, of traditionalist populations, the political leadership loses its legitimacy.

In line with this logic, neither of the two types of adult passive homosexuality the hassass and the zamel is socially admitted.

Blessure du nom propre. Homosexuality has adessamad recognition when it entails an active role. He is perceived as having exclusively the penetrator role with males, but he is also considered as having a double-faceted virility: In taverns, one found pederasts and lesbians, without any restrictive measure applying.

Sexuality and Islam | Abdessamad Dialmy –

English Choose a language for shopping. All Formats Paperback Sort by: But dualmy sexual standards have gathered strength and have become idealised as a result of the current radicalisation of Islam.

It is not reducible to what it should be according to traditional jurists, namely, ideal norms. Neither of them asks the Moslem jurist if these acts are licit.